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Pictured: ancient Mayan stelae at Tical, Guatemala, Elaston Scientific (c)
July 20, 2012

Valeriy Polulyakh, President of Elaston Scientific, recently published his book "Physical Space and the World." The book is available at's Kindle Store (ASIN B008NBGTOO.) 

The book is devoted to the novel view on the physical space. The properties and evolution of this agent are the primary reasons for the multiple phenomena in micro-and macro worlds: from the formation of elementary particles to the Big Bang. Therefore a general principle of construction of the nature is not a purely mathematical principle devoid of physical content but it is a simple physical concept: the guiding agent of the physical world is a real entity - physical space.
There are two opposite approaches to research. First: to write out beautiful equations and try to prove that the nature behaves in accordance with these equations. Second: to survey the totality of known facts and try to deduce proper regularities. The paradigm introduced in this book is founded primarily on facts, however paradoxical they appear.
This book will be most useful and interesting for students in physics and astronomy. However, most of the book may be of interest to anyone who likes science: general readers and laymen alike. The accessibility and simplicity of exposition are the essential aspects of this book. It is a story of how science really works.
Due to the use of color images in this book it is best displayed on Kindle for PC or Kindle Fire.