Elaston Scientific is a 501(c) (3) scientific not-for-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of Elastonic Cosmology theory.
About 20 years ago Dr. Polulyakh began to develop a new cosmological theory. The reason for this was simple: new technological breakthrough in observational astronomy revealed the great wealth of new and unexpected cosmic objects and phenomena. However an existing theory has not been ready for this observational impact and cosmologists enlisted, time after time, new combinations of the same mechanisms that seemingly do not work.
Presently, there are two contrary opinions about cosmology. An overwhelming majority of cosmologists believe that the solution to some of the great problems of creation and evolution of the Universe lies just around the corner or that we already have a final answer to them.
On the contrary, the minority dares to say that cosmology is not yet a proper science at all. Apparently, the truth lies somewhere between these two extremes.
The central idea of the new theory, Elastonic Cosmology, is an existence of a certain entity, the elaston, which can give rise to the physical Euclidean space, matter and energy all the way along its evolution. This approach allows astronomers to impart physical sense in the coherent manner to some processes and entities that concerned observers for a long time. This paradigm is a holistic view of the World as a complex system: space and matter, in contrast to reductionism approach that emphasizes only the reality of matter and keeps the space as something secondary and blurred.
However, Dr. Polulyakh does not try to criticize existing approaches. An observer is free to choose any convenient model for the data analysis. This is only a new paradigm. The destiny of any new paradigm is in the hands of science. As said Galileo Galilei: “In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”
A new model was presented in the transactions of conferences and published at arXive, a collection of the reprints of the scientific papers for the world-wide access (enclosed are the copies some of the publications).
Author carried out this work without any financial support by public or private grants. This work was enthusiastically done exclusively at the expense of the author.
It is essential at this time to attract some support from the public and private founds for further development and dissemination of this fruitful theory.
The primary activities of this corporation shall be providing unrestricted information about a new cosmological paradigm in any way accessible to the general public, in the most comprehensible forms.
Elaston Scientific will educate the community through public lectures on a subject of elastonic cosmology. Elaston Scientific will participate in the hearing of the governmental and private foundations allocating budgets for cosmological and astrophysical research programs to advocate having the door open for the non mainstream scientific ideas.
Organization’s other activities will include the following: direct engagement in the promotion of this fruitful paradigm in the professional and student communities and providing for discussion of cosmological and astrophysical problems for the interested public on the Internet. Information will be accessible on the Elaston Scientific website, which would contain a forum where participants could share their views of the theory. In addition, Elaston Scientific will support a subsequent development of the elastonic cosmology theory.
Image credit: (from left to right, beginning at the top left)
1. Octopus, Rarotonga Cook Islands, Summer 2007, Elaston Scientific (c)
2. An ultraviolet image of NGC 1365 taken with Galex, curtesy of NASA
3. A Hubble Space Telescope (HST) image of NGC 1300, curtesy of NASA
4. An infrared Spitzer Space Telescope image of NGC 2207 and IC 2163, curtesy of NASA/JPL